Flexibility test: “I'm shocked at my score”

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Without movement, there is no life.

And limited movement can greatly affect your quality of life.

If your joints have a poor range of motion, it can increase your risk of injury and make daily tasks more difficult.

Good mobility helps you live life in comfort and is an important step toward good wellbeing.

So, how does your range of motion rate?

Complete these simple movement tests and keep score. Add up your results at the end to see what we think your score says about your joints.

Only try these tests if you think you are capable. You shouldn't feel pain when completing any of these tests. Be gentle with your body and don't push to the point of pain.

No equipment needed!

These tests have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose any disease.

Back scratch test

What it's measuring: Shoulder mobility

Shoulder mobility

1. Stand up and raise your left arm straight up into the air.

2. Bend your left elbow and place your palm on the back of your neck with your fingers pointing to the ground.

3. With your right arm, reach up behind your back, this time with your palm facing away from your body.

4. Without straining, slowly slide your hands toward each other. Once you reach your limit, work out your score.

5. Repeat on the other side so your right arm is at the top of your back, then select your score for this side too.


First side:

Second side:

Toe touch test

What it's measuring: Lower back and hip flexor mobility

Lower back and hip flexor mobility

1. Stand up straight with your feet together and toes pointing forward.

2. Without bending your knees, slowly bend forward from the hips.

3. Reach your fingertips toward your toes.

4. When you can't comfortably reach any further, work out your score.


Arm reach test

What it's measuring: Shoulder mobility

Shoulder mobility

1. Lie down on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Make sure your lower back is pressed into the ground by tilting your pelvis upwards.

2. Lift both arms straight out in front of you, up into the air.

3. Keep your right arm where it is and slowly lower your left arm over your head, moving downward in a straight line. Get your arm as close to the floor as you can.

4. Bring your left arm back up into the air, then lower your right arm toward the floor.

5. Select your score for both your left and right arms.


Left arm:

Right arm:

Knee to chest test

What it's measuring: Hip and knee mobility

Hip and knee mobility

1. Lay on the ground with your back on the floor and legs stretched out.

2. Bend your left knee and use your hands to gently try to pull your thigh into your chest, making sure your other leg stays flat on the ground. Your bent leg should stay near the midline of your body.

3. Once you reach your full range of motion, work out your score for your left side.

4. Stretch both legs out again, then bend your right knee, again pulling it gently into your chest.

5. Choose your score for your left side too.


Left leg:

Right leg:

Get low squat test

What it's measuring: Ankle and knee mobility

Ankle and knee mobility

1. Stand with your feet just wider than shoulder width apart, and point your toes outwards slightly.

2. Keep your heels flat on the ground during this test.

3. Hinge at your hips, drive your glutes backwards, and bend at the knees.

4. Lower into a squat position, as deep as you can comfortably go, while keeping your torso as upright as possible. You can rest your arms on your legs.

5. How low can you go? It's time to take score.


Rise up unassisted test

What it's measuring: Ankle, hip and knee mobility and strength

Ankle, hip and knee mobility and strength

1. Stand up straight. Now, try to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, without using support from your hands, legs, arms and other body parts or any objects.

2. From the seated position, try to stand up again without support.

3. How well did you do? Check your score.


What's your score?

The maximum score is 90.

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